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The Cooperatives

The Argan Oil is produced by selected Berber women cooperatives in southwest Morocco.

Sponsored by the Agence de Développement Social (ADS) and supported by the European Union, these cooperatives serve a two-fold objective:

  • To preserve the threatened argan forest by finding a sustainable economic use for its products.
  • To improve the social and economic status of the rural Berber women.

The Production Method

  1. The argan fruit are harvested by hand on trees in late June / July.
  2. After the harvest the fruits are dried under the sun, the African sun.
  3. Dried fruits which resembles a dry prune are firstly peeled to expose and discover ("l'amande") means the kernel and is (eclateé) cracked by hand between two stones by Berber women in cooperatives, in order to get the whole nuts (amande).
  4. The kernels are sorted, cold pressed then the oil is filtered. Special attention is taken with this process. The argan Oil is then ready to be used.

100% Pure Authentic Argan Oil from Morocco

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